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About us

Sarah- director

Sarah (left) started Thrive Media in September 2016- it was the biggest (and bravest) thing she had ever done, and she hasn't looked back! 

As well as working as the director of Thrive Media, she's also a certified marriage celebrant which keeps her busy and gives her the opportunity to meet so many amazing people. 


Sarah comes from a brand engagement/marketing background and is so lucky to have such great relationships with her clients, watching their businesses grow is what motivates her! 

The beauty of the industry and our business is that we can work remotely, so we work with businesses of all sizes, all over New Zealand. 

Digital marketing is targeted, measurable and cost-effective which makes it an ideal marketing tool for businesses- if you're not online, why?!

Feel free to contact Sarah anytime for a chat, she looks forward to hearing from you! 

Nina- social media manager

Nina (right) is our amazing social media manager. She started with Thrive Media in January 2018- and we couldn't do without her!

Nina lives in the Waikato with her gorgeous little family- husband Andrew, and sons Maddox & Zander

Nina is a creative writing genius (if we do say so ourselves!), so to rack her brain- simply get in touch

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